How to locate someone in federal prison

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Find an inmate in a Massachusetts prison You can use the VINELink website or phone number to locate an inmate being held in one of our facilities. What you need. How to find.

How to locate someone in federal prison

What you need for Find an inmate in a Massachusetts prison You will need to provide the inmate's full first and last name or their commitment number. You can find links to many state resources for finding prisoner information on The Inmate Locator website. The federal Bureau of Prisons website provides a database of federal inmate information. The record for each inmate displays all available public information, including the next scheduled court date, often along with the courthouse location and courtroom number.

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Not all websites provide the same level of information, and some jurisdictions do not yet have inmate information available online. If the inmate is housed in a correctional facility that does not provide a searchable online database, or the records you found did not include a next court date, you will have to resort to "old-school" methods such as these:.

It can be frustrating to follow the case of someone who is in prison, especially if you do not know what is happening with the case. However, you have many options for finding information about inmates, including when they will appear in court. Site Map.

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