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For people at an increased risk of certain cancers, healthcare professionals may recommend more frequent screening such as mammography or colonoscopy starting at an earlier age. Healthcare providers may also encourage regular checkups or testing for people with a medical condition that runs in their family. Additionally, lifestyle changes such as adopting a healthier diet, getting regular exercise, and quitting smoking help many people lower their chances of developing heart disease and other common illnesses. The easiest way to get information about family medical history is to talk to relatives about their health.

Have they had any medical problems, and when did they occur? A family gathering could be a good time to discuss these issues.

For more information about family medical history:

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What to Expect when Accessing Records about You

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Not finding what you're looking for? Consult siblings, cousins, children, and other relatives to help round out your memories of a person or event. Natalie talked to two of her sisters before typing up the final list of memories she sent to my dad. Now we have a well-rounded picture of this man we all loved, from those who knew him as a young father and those who knew him as an aging grandfather, from those who saw him daily and those who visited a few times a year.

I already know what some of you are going to say. I hate my handwriting. Typing is so much easier.

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Your family will want to have some of your words written in your own hand. Forget about formality and the rules of writing.

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  • Just do your best to allow your authentic voice to shine through. The more your written words reflect the way you speak, the better. Actually say each sentence out loud, and then write down what you said. What does that mean? Perfection is not the goal. Lists are a great way to break up your prose, making it both easier to write and more fun to read.

    'The Personal History of David Copperfield' Review | Hollywood Reporter

    The options are endless. The more you exercise your writing muscles, the easier and more naturally your words will flow. Set aside a block of time once a week for journal writing, as the 52stories project encourages you to do. If that sounds overwhelming, write every other week or once a month instead.

    You could also pick one month a year maybe your birthday month where you write briefly every day—either about your current life or about your past or your family history. Do what you have to do to remove barriers and make journaling fit your lifestyle, even if that means carrying a small journal in your purse or writing your entire journal in a Notes file on your smartphone.

    Long-form, paragraph-style writing is just one way to capture memories about your life. I have a journal like that, but I have other kinds of journals, too. I have a file on my smartphone where I capture spiritual insights and a-ha moments.