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You can also check out some of their clothing online Did you set your clocks back yet? This weekend the the time changes, so be sure to change your clocks and check your smoke alarms! Comment below if you attended, or send us your photo! We will keep adding photos to this album.

HCRC Hendricks County R/C Raceway Danville Indiana RC Car ACTION!

Thanks to all who attended and helped out in any way. A special thanks to Hannah Skibba for organizing the successful event! Happy Halloween!

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Have a safe Halloween wherever you are! If you attended our Trunk or Treat last night, send us your photos and we will keep adding to our photo album! If you attended Share your photos with us and we will add it to our online photo album. We saw a bunch of great costumes. Trunk Or Treat was a success! More photos later this week! Thanks to everyone that helped in some way or participated! Check out the Trunk Or Treat photo album Student Officers are ready for your kids! Watch a video from this morning by clicking on the link below! The Trunk Or Treat Event tonight is still on!

Edwards was married December 23, , to Ida A. Job, the eldest daughter of Allen and Nettie Job, of Coatesville.

County Clerk

Her father was one of the leading merchants in that part of the county. To this union have been born two daughters: Pauline, who is now sixteen years of age and a junior in the high school at Danville, and Mary Jeannette, who is thirteen years of age and completing her common school work this year. Edwards and all the members of his family are consistent and loyal adherents of the Methodist Episcopal church. Edwards has been a member of the board of stewards of this denomination for many years. Edwards is interested in the real estate and loan business with Otis E. He was a member of the Danville school board for five years and resigned that position when he became county clerk.

Edwards is a man of splendid business qualifications, which, combined with his courtesy, genial disposition and unfailing good nature, have commended him to the good will and friendship of all who know him. His life is the record of a well balanced mental and moral constitution. In all of life's relations he has been true and faithful to himself and all the trusts reposed in him and thereby he has won the unqualified confidence and respect of his fellow men.

In these particulars he whose name appears at the head of this review has conferred honor and dignity upon his locality, and as an elemental part of history it is consonant that there should be recorded a resume of his career, with the object in view of noting his connection with the advancement of one of the most flourishing and progressive sections of the commonwealth, as well as his official relations with the administration of the public affairs of the county honored by his citizenship.

Everett R. Robards, banker, merchant, farmer and stock breeder of Stilesville, was born in that place on November 17, , the son of Casper and Mary Elizabeth Matlock Robards, the father a native of Owen county, Indiana, his birth having occurred on September I, , and his mother a native of Stilesville, having been born there in Casper Robards was deputy treasurer of Morgan county, Indiana, from to , and in established the first drug store in Stilesville.

In he sold his drug store and engaged in the general merchandising business, which he continued until However, he continued to live in Stilesville until his death, which occurred on May 8, His wife, Mary E.

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Matlock, the daughter of James and Sarah Matlock, was only twenty-three years of age when her death occurred, leaving three small children: James, who died in ; Sarah Caroline, who died in , and Everett R. Robards attended the common schools of Hendricks county and later took the two years course then offered by the normal school at Danville.

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After leaving school he engaged in a general merchandising business in Stilesville and in he opened a private bank, which has proved to be very successful. As a business man Mr. Robards has won signal success along several different lines. As a banker he has been conducting a bank which has won the confidence of a large number of patrons. His well stocked store in Stilesville is managed in such a way as to reflect great credit upon the owner.

In addition to his banking and mercantile interests Mr. Upon his farm in Hendricks county he breeds heavy draft horses, for which he finds a ready sale. In addition to all of these manifold duties, he has been the efficient trustee of Franklin township and has also served a term on the county council of Hendricks county. In every undertaking he has proven that dose attention to business is sure to win success, when accompanied with strict integrity and high purposes.

Robards was married to Addie A. Almond, the daughter of Hiram and Angeline Ellis Almond, on November 29, , and to this union there have been born two children? Mary Elizabeth and Everett Almond. Robards was one of four children, the other three being Orville, who married Daisy Howard; Etta, who married K.

Faucette, and they have one child, Warner; and Ethel, who married W. Robertson, and they have two children, James and Russell. Rohards was formerly a Republican, but in the split which occurred in that party in he espoused the Progressive cause, believing that in this new party there were better hopes for the future. He has always taken an active interest in the political issues of the day and even sacrificed his personal affairs in order to serve his party in office. He and the members of his family are adherents of the Christian church of Stilesville and contribute generously to its support.

The life which Mr. Robards has led has indeed been a busy one, but through it all he has kept his self respect and the tongue of censure has never had any charges to bring against him.

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In every section have been found men born to leadership in their vocation, men who have dominated because of their superior intelligence, natural endowment and force of character. It is always profitable to study such lives, weigh their motives and hold up their achievements as incentives to greater activity and higher excellence on the part of others. These reflections are suggested by the career of one who has forged his way to the front rank and who, by strong, inherent force and marked business ability, directed and controlled by an intelligent judgment, has stood for the last five years as one of the leading business men of Danville, Indiana.

Thrown early upon his own resources, George A. Keeney set out with the avowed determination of securing an education and how well he has succeeded is shown in the brief sketch which follows. Through the common school, through the high school, through the normal, through the state university he worked his way, and through it all he was the same simple man we find him today.

Although be has seen disappointments and many discouragement's, yet his optimistic nature has always been to the front and this happy characteristic has made it possible for him to win the success which is so worthily his today. It is not often that the theoretical college man and professor can go into the business world and make a success, and yet this is what Mr.

Keeney has been able to do. George A. Keeney, of the hardware and implement concern known as The Danville Hardware Company, was born on a farm at Rainstown, Hendricks county, Indiana, June 28, His childhood, youth and young manhood were spent in active work on the farm, which is the best school for practical knowledge for the young. Keeney is naturally inclined to be a student of men and things and men's affairs, and his ambition to learn had ample vent in the study of the book of nature on the farm.

Ambitious to train his mind and learn of history and science, he began early to inform himself from books as well as from nature. He was fortunate in being. He gained a much better education from the school than the average man because he worked for it.

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He earned money at whatever he could find to do, and worked his way through the high school two terms in Central Normal College and a four year course in the Indiana State Normal and finally graduated from that institution. He then took two years at Indiana State University, graduating with the Bachelor of Arts degree, after which he took a term in the great Chicago University.

He taught school for eight years, four years of this time in the country schools during his college life in order to earn money to pay his way. He was superintendent of the schools, one year at Pittsboro, one year at Clayton, and two years at North Salem, where he had seven subordinate teachers. He had a head for business, and accumulated money as a teacher, a thing that is done by too few of that worthy profession.


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His training has made it easy and the natural thing for him to devote energy to the business in hand. For him it is the natural thing to know the best and most modern in the varied and comprehensive lines of goods their large store carries, so that they can meet the demand for the tools and implements the farmer and builder use. His business and the needs and convenience of his customers is his study, and how he may serve them is his pleasure.

Keeney was married to Eldora Nelson, on September 30, , and to her influence as a true helpmate Mr.

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  5. Keeney ascribes any success that he has won. Leak, near Lizton. She also taught eight years in the public schools of this county, most of the time at Lizton. His progressive ideas as a business man and as a citizen, and his genial nature, make him popular as a business man. Whether we are more indebted for the improvement of the age to the one class or the other is a question of honest difference in opinion; neither class can be spared and both should be encouraged to occupy their several spheres of labor and influence, zealously and without mutual distrust.

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    In the following paragraphs are briefly outlined the leading facts and characteristics in the career of a gentleman who combines in his make-up the elements of the scholar and the energy of the public spirited man of affairs. Devoted to the noble and humane work of teaching, he has made his influence felt in the school life of Hendricks county, and is not unknown to the wider educational circles of the state, occupying as he does a prominent place in his profession and standing high in the esteem of educators in other than his own particular field of endeavor.

    Professor M. Mahan, the present efficient superintendent of the Danville schools, was born in Sullivan county, Indiana, May 25, His father followed the occupation of a farmer all his life, his death occurring in Mahan, the immediate subject of this sketch. Professor Mahan is an excellent type of the man who devotes all of his time and energy to the noble profession of instructing the youth.

    Since he. He received his elementary education in the district schools of his home county and then entered the graded school at Farmersburg, where he continued for two years. This was followed by two years of successful teaching in Henry county in this state. The next two years found him in charge of a school in Hardinsburg, Washington county, Indiana. From here he went to Pleasantville, Sullivan county, this state, where he was principal of the schools for one year.

    He then lived at Orleans for the following six years, two of which were spent as principal of the schools, and four years as superintendent. He then went to the State University at Bloomington, where he remained in continuous residence until his graduation in June, , with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. After his graduation from the university he was elected superintendent of the schools at Danville, Indiana, and has been in charge -of these schools continuously since.

    Since taking charge of the schools in Danville he has practically revolutionized the course of study.