Criminal background checks ethical considerations

These informal background checks are more likely to unearth things like personal blogs, wedding announcements or campaign contributions. However, criminal histories can still surface. Although many businesses and employees expect that a certain level of undercover online sleuthing will take place during the getting-to-know-you process, its ethical considerations are unclear. Although the information might be public, there might be little connection to responsibilities associated with the job at hand.


Social networking sites represent an ethical gray area when it comes to background checks, according to Ethica Publishing. Potential employees might feel comfortable knowing that their driving records, educational histories or personal finances will be examined as part of their background checks.

Whether employer viewing of personal social networking accounts is ethical remains debatable. Morgan Rush is a California journalist specializing in news, business writing, fitness and travel.

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Criminal Law : Do Arrests Show on a Criminal Background Check?

Construction and Paralegals and Employers can use a variety of tests to screen job applicants. Tests vary from aptitude, personality and medical tests to credit and criminal background checks.

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According to the U. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, employers should make a good faith effort to consider ethical issues involved in creating, administering and interpreting employment tests. Members of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology say validity is an important factor in creating employment tests. A test is valid if its content directly relates to the ability to perform the job in question.

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Jeffrey Norris of the Equal Employment Advisory Council notes that employers should review employment tests regularly to make sure they reflect current job requirements. According to best practices of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the procedures and conditions when a test is given should be consistent. For example, test administrators should make sure the room lighting and noise levels are the same for all job candidates.