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Only a limited number of people can see your Vehicle Location. The primary account holder can view the locations of all Hum-equipped vehicles on the account. Additionally, only account holders can view Vehicle Location. Watch video. Back to Hum Features. Find your car s from your phone.

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Hand over the keys with confidence Feel comfortable with someone else behind the wheel and know that you can use GPS location to find any of your Hum-equipped cars in the event of an emergency or accident. A court order was then submitted to Verizon Wireless requiring the company to provide historical cell site data on the account for the previous 30 days to determine what cell towers the air card had contacted and determine its general location.

Verizon responded by supplying the government with information that included the latitude and longitude coordinates for five cell sites in San Jose and Santa Clara cities, in the heart of Silicon Valley. In July, the government served Verizon Wireless with another court order directing the company to assist the FBI in the use and monitoring of a mobile tracking device to locate an unidentified suspect. The order directed Verizon Wireless to provide the FBI with any "technical assistance needed to ascertain the physical location of the [air card] The government has fought hard to suppress information about how it uses stingrays , but in his motion to suppress, Rigmaiden lays out in great detail how the surveillance occurred and the nature of the technical assistance Verizon provided the FBI.

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FBI Agent Killigrew used triangulation techniques and location signature techniques to eliminate The shaded area on the cell tower range chart covers the location of apartment No. According to Rigmaiden, the agents drove around the cell site areas gathering information about signal range and radio frequencies for each cell site sector. The next day, Verizon Wireless surreptitiously reprogrammed Rigmaiden's air card so that it would recognize the FBI's stingray as a legitimate cell site and connect to it "prior to attempting connections with actual Verizon Wireless cell sites.

On July 16, the FBI placed 32 voice calls to the air card between 11am and 5pm. Each time the air card was notified that a call was coming in, it dropped its data connection and went into idle mode.

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At the same time, it sent real-time cell site location information to Verizon, which forwarded the information to the FBI's DCS servers , part of the elaborate digital collection system the FBI operates for wiretapping and pen-registers and trap-and-traces. At this point, the StingRay took over and began to broadcast its signal to force the air card — and any other wireless devices in the area — to connect to it, so that agents could zoom-in on Rigmaiden's location.

Rigmaiden maintains that once the connection was made, the StingRay wrote data to the air card to extend the connection and also began to "interrogate" the air card to get it to broadcast its location.

The FBI used the Harris AmberJack antenna to deliver highly-directional precision signals to the device, and moved the StingRay around to various locations in order to triangulate the precise location of the air card inside the Domicilio Apartments complex. According to Rigmaiden, agents also transmitted Reverse Power Control bits to his air card to get it to transmit its signals at "a higher power than it would have normally transmitted if it were accessing cellular service through an actual Verizon Wireless cell site. Once agents had tracked the device to the Domicilio Apartments complex, they switched out the StingRay for the handheld KingFish device to locate Rigmaiden's apartment within the complex.

Agents still didn't know who was in the apartment — since Rigmaiden had used an assumed identity to lease the unit — but they were able to stake out the apartment complex and engage in more traditional investigative techniques to gather more intelligence about who lived in unit On August 3, while the apartment was still under surveillance, Rigmaiden left the unit. Agents followed him a short distance until Rigmaiden caught on that he was being followed.

After a brief foot chase, he was arrested. Rigmaiden and the American Civil Liberties Union and Electronic Frontier Foundation have argued that the government did not obtain a legitimate warrant to conduct the intrusive surveillance through the stingray. FamiSafe lets you place Geo-location boundaries to ensure your kids don't go anywhere they are forbidden to. For example, if you want your kids to stay at home during the evenings, you can place a Geo-fence around your house.

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How to Disable Verizon's Wireless Tracking Supercookie

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